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storage based on a lifelong passion

Karen and Julian Griffiths

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24/7 camera


24/7 entrance

Day and night camera security

Workshop to tinker with your car. Professional help available.

You have access to your car 24 hours a day.


trickle chargers

We have a charging option for every type of battery

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An overview of what you will see inside our longterm storage and more...

our story
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Our story

storage based on a lifelong passion


We grew up among old-timers. My father was a big fan of classic cars and had several in his garage. A passion he could share with both. Julian and my father jointly restored a 1939 Chevrolet Coupé, which was also instantly prepared for serious rallies.


Our cars are our babies. We only want the best for them and we go very far. We want to have them in the very best condition, but we also wanted to create the best parking facility. We noticed that the average old-timer garage is not only awkward - because they are located in the strangest, most remote places, are often inflexible in opening times and are usually nothing more than a former flower greenhouse - but we also found it very impersonal.


We have bought a building and put six bridges in it, which together provide a capacity of 18 cars. Each place has its own trickle charger, we facilitate a cover for each car that we have specially made in Switzerland and the climate is perfectly regulated thanks to an enormous installation. Summer or winter, the cars are here at a constant and optimal temperature.


Our location is perfectly accessible but completely hidden from view.

In addition, the building is heavily but almost invisibly secured.

Cosiness has also been thought of. We regularly sit here with a glass of wine in the sitting area, with a view of the cars.


Everything had to be right.

Karen and Julian Griffiths

Meisje in de auto
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Contact us

Classic Car House

Karen en Julian Griffiths


       Stoelmatter 15K

       2292 JM Wateringen

       The Netherlands

       (nearby The Hague)

       +316 33 73 39 69

openings hours

       Visit us by appointment.


       24/7 entrance for members


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storage based on a lifelong passion

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